Green & Red Salad

BY Ceres Organics


Ready in 45 minutes | Serves 3-4



¼ cup Organic Tahini, Unhulled

2 teaspoons Organic Tamari Soy Sauce

1 teaspoon Organic RAW Apple Cider Vinegar

juice of 1 lemon

1 teaspoon Organic Ground Turmeric

1 garlic clove, finely grated

sea salt and pepper to taste


2 cans Organic Chickpeas / Garbanzo Beans

2 tablespoons Organic Tamari Soy Sauce

2 tablespoons Organic Sesame Oil, Toasted

¼ teaspoon Organic Cayenne Pepper

sea salt and pepper to taste

4 cups greens like arugula or baby spinach

¼ head purple cabbage, roughly chopped or shredded

1 tablespoon Organic Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed

2 cups fresh broccoli florets, roughly chopped

½ cup fresh parley and coriander, roughly chopped


Organic Chia Seeds, White

avocado, sliced or chopped


First make the dressing. Add all the ingredients to a bowl and whisk until combined. You can make this in advance, make a double or triple batch – it will keep for up to a week if stored in the fridge.

Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Spread the chickpeas out on a cotton towel and pat them dry. They’ll be crispier this way. Transfer your chickpeas to a bowl and add in the tamari, sesame oil, cayenne and salt and pepper. toss to evenly coat.

Spread your chickpeas in a single layer on a lined baking tray and bake for 30 minutes. Half way through baking, gently shake the tray so you your chickpeas bake nice and evenly. Once done, remove from the oven and set aside.

In a large serving bowl, add the greens and cabbage to a large bowl and drizzle with 1 teaspoon olive oil and some salt and pepper.

Using your hands, massage the greens and cabbage for 2-3 minutes until well coated and has slightly softened. To the bowl add the broccoli, parsley and coriander. Toss well.

Add the dressing and continue to toss until all the veggies are coated. Divide amongst bowls and gently toss to combine. Top with the crunchy chickpeas, a sprinkle of chia seeds and then some sliced avo.