Crumbed Tofu w Kimchi Dressing and Almond XO Greens

BY Sam Campbell


Ready in 30 minutes | Serves 2

This quick and easy tofu number requires one pan, and little add on ingredients. I’m always a fan of big flavours and this is one not to miss. Who doesn’t love crispy tofu??! Steamed greens give sustenance and are boosted with my almond butter blackbean “XO” sauce. The spicy kimchi salsa works really really well with this. Like I said, big flavours here = WINNER.



200g Soft fresh tofu, sliced and dry on towel

1 tbsp Brown Rice Unpasterised White Miso (Genmai Shiro)

½ cup panko crumbs


Bok Choy and Broccoli


2 tbsp Almond Butter in Conversion to Organic

1 tbsp black bean sauce

1 tsp Organic Vinegar, Brown Rice

1 tsp Organic Mirin

1 tbsp water

1 tsp Organic Sesame Oil, Toasted


1 cup kimchi, fine sliced

1 tsp Organic Vinegar, Brown Rice

1 tsp Organic Mirin

1 tsp Organic Tamari Soy Sauce

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp water


1. Slice tofu into cubes. Make sure you soak up the excess water with a paper towel or similar, so you can get your tofu crispy.
2. Wash your vegetables and steam your vegetables.
3. Make your Almond XO sauce. Mix all the ingredients together. Once mixed, pour this over your steamed vegetables.
4. Add some water to your miso and heat up, this is so you can coat your tofu easily with the miso.
5. Once you’ve coated your tofu, press the tofu into your panko crumbs. Don’t leave your tofu to sit too long, as excess water may make your panko crumbs soft.
6. Heat your frypan on med heat, add your neutral oil then add your tofu. Fry for 4 minutes on each side until golden. Remove and drain excess oil on a paper towel.
7. Now make your kimchi salsa. Mix all the ingredients together.
8. Serve your tofu with your greens and kimchi salsa!