BY Ceres Organics


Ready in 30 minutes | Serves 3-4

We bet you think this buddha bowl will be complicated. It looks it but in fact it’s the opposite. We all like to see words like “quick & easy” and “weeknight” applied to recipe titles – this is one of those recipes. The tabbouleh is a quick meal, as its’ name would imply. This is one of those box solutions, but without all the additives and odd ingredients often found in convenience foods.

You can cook this up in mere minutes. It keeps really well in the fridge too so is perfect for preparing in advance, or as part of your meal prep plan. The rest of the bowl is not so much a recipe, but ideas for how to create a buddha bowl with what you might have hanging round in your fridge, from what ingredients you have on hand – to create a nourishing, healthy meal.

As a base, we used the quinoa tabbouleh, you could however substitute this for brown rice, millet or buckwheat for example, all of which have a low glycemic index. Opting for grains like these means your carb intake is more complex, your body will take longer to break these carbohydrates down – and you’ll feel fuller longer.

To build the rest of your bowls, pile them high with fresh produce, then add in extras like olives, fermented foods like kimchi or kraut (for probiotics) hummus, and more hummus. These bowls also have millet cakes, you’ll find the recipe for these here, but falafels, marinated tofu, or bean-based patties would add a good dose of plant protein. Nuts and seeds too are good to add in a bit more. For a super simple dressing, just drizzle over a little olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and season with sea salt and pepper. Done!


Organic Quinoa Tabbouleh Quick Meal

1 cucumber, cut into short sticks

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 cup fresh herbs like parsley, mint and basil, chopped

½ jar Organic Green Olives, Pitted , halved

¼ cup Organic Sunflower Seeds , toasted

sea salt and pepper, to taste


almond butter hummus

1 avocado sliced


Organic Gherkins , sliced lengthways


Prepare the tabbouleh according to package directions. Set aside to cool to room temperature. To the tabbouleh add the remaining bowl ingredients and toss to combine.

If serving with hummus, add a generous smear along the side of each bowl. Divide the tabbouleh among bowls and top with additional serving suggestions. Feel free to sub in anything you might have on hand that like additional vegetables, pickles and so on. Enjoy immediately.