Creamy Almond Milk w/ Kokako Chocolate Ice Cubes

BY Ceres Organics


Ready in 15 minutes plus chilling time | Serves 2

As the weather gets warmer, you don’t need to ditch the hot drinking chocolate – just venture into the cold variety.

For this chilled version of a winter favourite, we’ve teamed up with Kokako who, like us, are passionate about quality, organic, wholefood ingredients – and the planet. We’ve made a creamy almond milk from scratch and combined delicious iced chocolate cubes, made with Kokako’s Drinking Chocolate.

Like our foods, there are no additives in Kokako’s Drinking Chocolate. It has a mere two ingredients – cocoa and golden cane sugar – both Fairtrade, and both organic.

Much of the commercial drinking chocolates you’ll find are highly processed, with a long lists of ingredients, for the most part sugars, but also artificial additives and preservatives. And, more often than not, containing minimal amounts of cocoa!

To get the benefits, you’ll want the minimally refined cocoa, grown organically and processed without synthetic chemicals or artificial inputs. Another thing to consider is where and how that cocoa is harvested. There is a lot of controversy about cocoa production globally, mainly due to high rates of child and slave labour on cocoa farms.

The cocoa and golden cane sugar in Kokako’s Drinking Chocolate are both certified Fairtrade and certified organic. The cocoa is sourced from the Conacado Cooperative in the Dominican Republic and the Golden Cane Sugar from Manduvira Cooperative in Paraguay.

The cocoa supplier, Conacado Cooperative, is a democratically-run cooperative organisation, connecting over 9,000 small-scale cocoa producers. More than 80% of members have less than three hectares of land, but with the support of Conacado, fewer cocoa farmers abandon their properties every year. It empowers the farmers and workers to build better futures for themselves and their communities.

The Manduvira Cooperative, who supply the cane sugar part of the drinking chocolate, is a farmer owned cooperative based in southern Paraguay. It was established in 1975 and gained Fairtrade certification in 1999. Now 1,500 members strong, the cooperative organise international organic certifications without any cost to producers, provide dental and medical services to the farmers and their families, and have started a reforestation project in the area. The list goes on. 

Oh yeah, and the packaging is made from compostable material.

A little bit of prep work is required, but once your cubes are set, it’s simply a case of placing a couple in a glass, and pouring over the creamy almond milk. They’ll slowly melt, producing chocolate milk that’s super delicious and, perhaps most importantly, won’t dilute your drink!



1 cup Organic RAW Whole Almonds (soaked overnight)

3 cups filtered water

2 Organic Whole Pitted Dates, Deglet Noor

1 teaspoon vanilla powder


200 ml filtered water

¼ cup Organic Brown Rice Malt Syrup

¼ cup Kokako Organic Drinking Chocolate


To make the almond milk, combine all almond milk ingredients to your blender and blend on high for two minutes.

Using a nut milk bag, strain your almond milk and transfer to a glass bottle. Almond milk will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.

To make the ice cubes, add all ingredients to a pan and whisk until combined. Bring to a simmer and remove from heat.

Let mixture cool completely and pour in ice cube trays.

Once your chocolate cubes are set, remove from trays and serve over almond milk. As the cubes melt, you’ll have yourself chocolate milk!