5 minute Banana Oatmeal

BY Ceres Organics


Ready in 5 minutes | Serves 2

When someone mentions oats, a seriously nourishing, warming breakfast would probably come to mind. You can easily whip up a healthy breakfast recipe with oats – you’ve probably got some in your pantry already!

Let’s be honest, we live busy lives and nobody has the time for recipes that take at least half an hour to make. These five minute oats take literally 5 minutes to make and are perfect for those cold mornings where you really just want to hit snooze for another ten minutes.

So if you want a nourishing, nutrient dense meal that won’t take donkey years to make and won’t use up half the ingredients in your pantry, this breakfast is for you.


1½ cups Organic Bircher Muesli, Original

Organic Coconut Water (use enough to cover your Bircher)

½ teaspoon Organic Ginger Powder

½ teaspoon Ground Cinnamon

½ teaspoon Organic RAW Maca Powder

seasonal fruits to top your Bircher off

small handful Organic Buckwheat


Add your Bircher, ginger, cinnamon, and maca to a jar and cover with coconut water. Leave to soak in the fridge overnight or if you’re in need of a quick snack – a couple of hours will be fine.

Once you’ve soaked your Bircher, remove and top with fresh fruits and a handful of buckwheat or anything else you’re feeling like.