We receive many requests for sponsorship each year and it is just not possible to support all of them. As a company, we have guidelines to assist in deciding which sponsorship requests will receive our support. As a basic rule, the activity or programme needs to fall within the following criteria.

  • Align with our company values of sustainability
  • Have an intended positive social impact
  • Have a strong environmental focus
  • Promote health and wellbeing

Please take the time to reflect on these criteria and values when sending us your request. We have limited resources and would like to use them on projects with the most far-reaching impact.


If you are looking for partnership rather than sponsorship, we use a similar set of criteria to assess these applications. We seek partnerships that are aligned with our brand values and goals. In particular, we look for sponsorship requests that:

  • Support and align with Ceres Organics brand values of promoting sustainability of the people and the planet
  • Provide an opportunity to reach and engage our target market
  • Provide a high degree of visibility for Ceres Organics, and will usually require measurable impact such as positive online or offline media coverage


While we would like to support all requests, this is simply not possible due to resource limitations and existing sponsorship commitments. Below are some some guidelines for what Ceres Organics will not support. These include but are not limited to:

  • Organisations or activities are not aligned with our brand values
  • Political organisations or campaign groups
  • Any organisation that discriminates against other individuals or groups
  • An individual (or small group/team) seeking support for personal interests


You can submit your request through our contact page here, and select from the drop down menu ‘sponsorship request’ and provide a brief outline of your activity or program. Alternatively, if you have a proposal document, you can email that directly sponsorships@ceres.co.nz.

We aim to assess and reply to each application within three weeks and will be in contact via email once the application has been reviewed.

Thank you for thinking of Ceres Organics as a potential sponsor for your activity or initiative.