8 quick healthy energy boosting snack ideas

Whether you’ve got to get kids out the door by 8am or get yourself to that class, meeting or office, we’ve got you covered. Below are 8 sustainable healthy snack ideas that are completely doable and delicious.

Hummus and Rice Crackers

almond butter hummus

Curb those cravings with some healthy proteins, and fats, we love Almond Tahini Hummus, a variation on your stock standard tahini add in. And if you’re feeling it, switch up your hummus using spices and vegetables like with this Roasted Beetroot Hummus.


DIY Almond Cereal Bars

vegan gluten free almond bar recipe

Having trouble finding a good cereal or snack bar that doesn’t contain a long list of ingredients and also doesn’t blow your grocery budget? With a handful of organic wholefood ingredients, you can make your own. These Almond Cereal Bars are super delicious and contain only 6 ingredients making them a great healthy snack idea.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies


These Chocolate Almond Cookies tick all the boxes, gluten free, low in sugar and only 5 ingredients! As a more economical option you can sub the 3 cups of almond meal for Sun-Flour, which is a flour made from ground sunflowers, an option for those who can’t have nuts.

Green Smoothies

psyllium husk green smoothie recipe

Smoothies are a great option for the crazy busy of us that might have trouble getting our daily green requirements. This nutrient dense Cleansing Smoothie contains psyllium, an easy way to increase your fibre intake, a serve will give you around 5 grams of fibre!

Banana Loaf


This epic banana bread makes a generous loaf that is both nutrient dense, and super delicious with NO added sugar! There’s also a gluten-free version. Get this recipe and others in our Low Sugar Nourishment ebook.

Cacao Mousse

vegan chocolate mousse recipe

Absolutely an acceptable breakfast option. Coconut milk contains medium chain fatty acids, good fats to keep you full for longer and the cacao adds the antioxidant boost. Just 4 ingredients and 10 minutes plus some chill time and you’ve got breakfast or dessert. Get the recipe here.

Oat Breakfast Cookies

vegan oat cookie recipe

4 ingredients and 30 minutes to make and you’ve got a portable oats option. Oats are a good source of fibre, specifically beta glucans that can reduce bad cholesterol, so they’re good for your heart. Oats also contain an antioxidant called bilirubin that can help eliminate free radicals, protecting your body from oxidative stress. Free radicals cause ageing… so make a double batch.


3 ripe bananas

1 cup Ceres Organics Raw Pitted Dates, chopped small

2 cups Ceres Organics Jumbo Rolled

1 teaspoon Ceres Organics Ground Cinnamon


Preheat your oven to 175C, and line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Mash bananas in a large bowl, then add in the chopped dates and oats. Mix well and leave to sit for about 15 minutes in the fridge.

Drop teaspoons of the mixture onto your lined baking tray, press down to form little cookies. Bake for 20 minutes.

Remove cookies from oven and place on a wire rack to cool. Store your cookies in an air-tight container, they’ll keep for up to a week.

Chickpea Nuts

vegan gluten free chickpea nut snack

5 minutes to throw on a tray and left to bake for 30 minutes and you’ve got a crispy, salty, totally addictive snack. Chickpeas are a great source of plant protein, with a cup of roasted chickpeas contains about 15 grams of protein! Nothing difficult here, and you can make chickpea nuts in bulk by using dried and get more snacking for your dollars. In addition to a healthy snack, roasted chickpeas make a great addition to Buddha Bowls too.


2 cans Ceres Organics Chickpeas, washed and drained

2 tablespoons Ceres Organics Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

1 teaspoon garlic powder

Ceres Naturals Sea Salt to sprinkle


Preheat your oven to 200°C and line an oven tray with parchment paper.

Place chickpeas in a large bowl and toss with the remaining ingredients until they are evenly coated with the spices.

Spread the chickpeas in an even layer on the baking tray and bake until crisp, this takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Once your chickpeas are baked, you’ll have what looks like spicy salted nuts!

Allow your chickpea nuts to cool completely before storing in an air-tight jar. They’ll keep for a week here.

After more healthy snack ideas?

Check out this post on rice cake combos!and these hummus recipes here.

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